Rollography Ordering and Contact Information
Copies of the database are now available on CDRom and in printed and downloadable form. The
database is written to run on Microsoft Access2000 or later. Translations of the database into
Microsoft Excel, HTML, and a text version are also included on the CD, but do not have all the
functionality of the Access versions. The CD also includes scanned copies of original Violano roll
catalogs and tune labels. Printed outputs of the database sorted by roll number are also available. The
price for the CD is $95 plus shipping($3.50 in the US, $6 international). This $95 price includes one
update CD for the cost of shipping. Printouts are $80 each plus shipping but do not include updates.
One time downloads of the CD content are available for $75. Purchasers are asked to submit
corrections and new information as they find them for inclusion in updates. Future updates will be $25
each plus shipping. Custom roll/box labels are available for $10 per label sheet.
Additions to the database and comments should be directed to:
Jack Breen

Southborough, MA
508-380-3844 (cell)

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