What is a Rollscanner?
The rollscanner used for this Violano rollscanning project was built by Gerety Engineering of
Seymour, CT. The design is based on the prior work of Spencer Chase and the rollscanner group.
Fundamentally, it is a flatbed scanner, except for the fact that the contact image array (CIS array) is
stationary and the paper is pulled across it. In a flatbed scanner, the paper is stationary and the CIS
More than half of the late-style Violano rolls and a significant number of early-style rolls have been scanned to date.
 The output of this CIS-based rollscanning project has been combined with the efforts of the Mills Novelty
Company, which has been using a slightly different, but equally effective, scanner technology to collect and archive
files from Violano rolls
.  The Mills Novelty Company is marketing this combined library,  Clicking on the link below
will access this company site, where complete lists of available songs and prices are being maintained.

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